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Since 2015, we’ve been specializing in branding, UX, UI, product design and front-end development.

Working from home, long before WFH was even a thing, we criss-cross timezones, collaborate across borders, and create memorable online experiences that click with people - just like us.


HighNorth built a project website for our fundraising campaign. It's modern, clean & beautiful design got a lot of praise from colleagues and visitors. The Webflow CMS makes it very easy to add new input. Working with the HighNorth team has been great. They handle things efficiently and were available for any questions.

Profile picture of Pascal Vanhees, Communication Manager at Bosgroep Limburg.
Pascal Vanhees
Communication Manager
Bosgroep Limburg

Working with HighNorth has been an absolute pleasure. We were impressed with the attention to detail, communication and their professional approach to our timelines and processes. They were very helpful in explaining the logic adopted for the site and always went the extra mile for us. We highly recommend working with them!

Profile picture of Cecilia Regini, design manager at Lattimore and Friends.
Cecilia Righini
Design Manager
Lattimore and Friends